Second graders preparing their wood cut outs to decorate school fencing, a project led by volunteer group Project Color. In full swing from 2006-2012, our mission was to enliven and enrich public school environments by leading projects within the school community that became permanent art installations at the school.  Project Color engaged students, parents and staff in improving their school environment through art.

Fifth graders working on the World Map (see below)

Carved and colored floor in Cafeteria provides a warm and engaging space for indoor P.E. and creative games, performances and meals.

Carved and colored concrete floor improves cafeteria space , Jefferson Elementary School, Berkeley, 2010

Painted wood cut outs of California flora and fauna decorates playground fencing, Jefferson Elementary School, Berkeley, 2008

World Map, measuring 20' x 25', painted on playground hardtop, Jefferson Elementary School, Berkeley, 2007